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Club Room Policies

Resident hereby acknowledges that he/she intends to use The Cardinal Apartments Club Room to participate in certain activities, including parties, meetings, and games. This agreement is made on the date endorsed, between Resident (Lessee) and The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University, owner of the property, its officers, employees, and agents (Releasee).

Lessee acknowledges the following:

  • A reservation of the Club Room gives him/her private use of the room from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm on the reserved day.
    • The Club Room has an occupancy limit of  15 people, and agrees to restrict his or her attendee count to this limit. Lessee understands that the courtyard, fitness center and other common areas are not part of this Club Room reservation agreement. Lessee shall be responsible for the behavior of Lessee’s Guests.
    • Alcohol, if present, is not permitted outside of the Club Room.
  • Lessee will arrive for reservation and check in with Leasing Office by no later than 6pm on day of reservation, and must remain present after signing in and during use.  No late arrivals are permitted, and reservation will be forfeited.
  • Lessee acknowledges that reservation is not transferable to another resident.
  • Lessee acknowledges that reservations are limited to one day per apartment per month.
  • Lessee acknowledges that reservation may be made up to 90 days in advance.  
  • Lessee shall be responsible for all damages and missing items related to his/her use of the Club Room. Lessee shall ensure that the Club Room is fully cleaned and vacated no later than 10:00 p.m. on the reserved date. Should the room not be returned in a clean condition, a $100.00 per hour cleaning fee will be applied to the Lessee’s account.

The Cardinal Apartments is pleased to presently offer use of the Club Room at no cost to the Lessee.

If the Lessee needs to cancel the reservation, it is required that such cancellation occur no less than 14 days prior to the calendared reservation. Such courtesy allows Residents at The Cardinal Apartments to take advantage of this valuable amenity if the reservation is cancelled. A "Late Cancellation Fee and No Show" policy will be instituted that will result in a $100 fee if the cancellation of the reservation is less than a 14-day notice, or Lessee does not arrive for reservation by 6:00 pm on reserved day.

Lessee does hereby release with prejudice and forever discharge and forbear from any attempt to recover in any way from Releasee, of and from any and all manner of action, contracts, claims, damages, loss, of any nature whatever, known or unknown, which participants now has or may hereafter have against any of them, by reason of any matter, cause or thing whatever arising out of, based upon, or relating to the activities.

Lessee hereby expressly agrees to indemnify, save, protect, defend and hold harmless Releasee, from and against any and all claims, damages, suits, losses, payments and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, allegedly resulting from bodily injury, including death to any person and/or damage to any property on account of or relating to the activities. This indemnification obligation applies to any and all claims, damages, suits, losses, payments, and expenses occurring during the activities. Resident agrees that Releasee shall have choice of counsel to represent its interest in any claim, action, lawsuits, or other matter relating or arising from the provisions stated in this agreement, including the defense of any claim, action, lawsuit, or matter initiated by a third party against Releasee.

Lessee understands and agrees to each of the provisions set forth above.

Pet Policies

Only two pets are allowed per unit.

An additional deposit of $1,000 is required, as well as $20 pet rent per pet. Residents must ensure the conduct of their pets does not cause a nuisance or disturbance to others.

Pet owners are expected to clean up after their pets. Pets must be leashed at all times when outside the apartment and on The Cardinal Apartments property. Pets are not to be tied or staked outside the apartment. Residents may not leave pets unattended on balconies, porches, or patios.

Resident will be asked to remove any pet that bothers other residents, whether inside or outside, or that constitutes a problem or obstruction to the manager or owner's agent or employees performing their duties. If the resident fails to remove said pet following complaints from residents and requests from manager, the lease may be terminated.

Fitness Center Policies

Who May Use the Fitness

Center Persons under the age of 13 may not use exercise or cardio equipment. For ages 13–17, we recommend supervision by a responsible adult resident age 18 or older.

Guests must be accompanied by a resident while in the Fitness Center. Usage is limited to two guests per resident. Any resident bringing guests is responsible for controlling such use by their guests.

Use of the facility is at your own risk.

While Using the Fitness Center

Proper attire must be worn, including shirts and shoes.

Equipment is to be used the way in which it is intended. Please follow directions carefully and return equipment to the appropriate place when finished.

No food or glass is permitted in the Fitness Center.

Smoking and eating is prohibited in the Fitness Center.

No pets allowed.

Parking Policies

The Cardinal Apartments Resident Parking Permits

Permits and registration are to prevent the accidental removal of a vehicle belonging to a resident, and to preclude non-residents from parking within the community.

The Cardinal Apartments parking permits are static vinyl stickers which must be displayed inside the lower corner of the windshield on the passenger-side.

The Cardinal Apartments parking permits are the sole property of The Cardinal Apartments management. They may be used only by registered permit holders and may not be sold or transferred. Permit stickers will be returned by residents at move-out. Lost permits and permit abuses may result in punitive fines and possible lease termination. One assigned parking space is allocated to each apartment home.  

Vehicle Registration

Residents are required to register ALL their “vehicles” (car, motorcycle, etc.) with the Leasing Office.

Unsightly vehicles (such as cars with flat tires, broken windows, etc.) and any vehicles without a current registration displayed will be towed (with adequate notice) at the owner’s expense.

RV’s and boats are not permitted on site at any time and will be subject to immediate towing day or night.

Skateboards, motorcycles, bicycles and similar vehicles may not be stored in entryways or under stairs. Skateboarding is not permitted anywhere on the property.

Guest Parking/Loaner Cars 

No guest parking permits will be issued by The Cardinal Apartments. Residents’ guests, are to park on the streets under the City of Redwood City’s jurisdiction. Cars without permits parked in the garage will be towed at their owner’s expense.

If you have a loaner vehicle temporarily, please register your loaner vehicle with the Leasing Office if the vehicle will be parked in your assigned parking space. 

Additional Guidelines

Please limit your speed within the community to 5 mph.

In effort to allow only residents into the garage, please allow garage doors to fully close before proceeding to enter or exit the garage. Do not allow another vehicle to follow you into the garage.  

Please do not repair your car on the property or empty ashtrays onto parking lots.