What are the Leasing Office hours?

The Leasing Office is open Mondays through Saturdays, from 9am to 6pm.

Who do I call if I have maintenance emergency outside of Leasing Office hours?

In the event you have a maintenance emergency (such as a water leak/flooding, no electricity, toilet not working in an apartment with only one bathroom), when the Leasing Office is closed, please call our After-hours Maintenance line at 650-785-9191.

Where can I walk my dog?

You'll see many neighbors walking their dogs throughout the neighborhood. There are pet waste bags available at our pet bag station on Wilson Street.

My lease is expiring soon. What are my options?

The Leasing Office will send a lease renewal offer to you about two months before your lease expires. Lease terms range from 6–12 months, or you may choose to go month-to-month with an additional $200/month premium.

What if my position at Stanford becomes part-time?

If you are at least 75% FTE you will remain at the Stanford Rate. If you fall below 75% FTE your lease will change to the Market Rate.

I would like to meet more people in our community. Will there be events for residents?

Resident events are a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors. We will be hosting residents events throughout the year.

Is WiFi offered within the community?

Yes, WiFi is available in all the amenity areas. Please inquire with the Leasing Office for the network and password for individual amenity areas.